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EMO – Desktop Pet with AI, Emotions and Mood



The EMO project appeared on the Kickstarter platform. It is a desktop robot that can perform a wide variety of functions. In addition, EMO is an emotional pet that is able to convey its emotions, mood and state through sounds, animations on the display and movements.

The developers claim that EMO can reproduce over 1000 emotions. A robot can be not only a pet, but also an assistant in entertainment, work and communication. If the robot does not like the user’s actions, then he will definitely express his attitude to the situation.

EMO is an artificially intelligent pet that explores the world around it through dozens of built-in sensors. The outsole has built-in sensors that detect the edge of the table so it won’t fall. The robot is constantly learning. The creators say that it is able to identify users, and is more inclined to communicate with guests than with guests.

The EMO has speakers through which the pet plays sounds, and also plays music at the request of the user. The top panel is equipped with a sensor, so you can stroke the “baby” and he will react to the action. Built-in microphones allow the robot to hear and execute various commands. To better navigate the world around and distinguish between users, a wide-angle camera is integrated above the display. By the way, you can ask the robot to take a photo.

The robot pet can act as a helper. For example, find a weather forecast or control elements of a smart home (being tested). EMO can become a smart alarm clock.

And the pet can also dance to the music, get sick, demanding the user’s attention, and never forget to congratulate the owner on his birthday. To pass the time, you can play various games with the robot on your tablet. Taking into account the function of self-learning, it will be more and more difficult to win against him every time, and the robot will surely react to its losses with indignation.

A wireless charging station in the shape of a skate is used to charge the pet. It can be used to charge your phone.

In the future, developers want to implement support for multiple languages, which will be useful for the user to learn them.

The EMO desktop pet is priced at $ 139 on Kickstarter. Shipments are scheduled for February 2021.

Source: kickstarter

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