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Elon Musk talked about the approximate cost of chipping a person




Engineer and billionaire Elon Musk during the presentation of the Link device, which is intended for implantation in the human skull, spoke about the approximate price of chipping. The inventor said that initially the cost will be inflated, but after a while will decrease.

The businessman assumes that very soon for chipping and surgery performed automatically, those who wish will have to pay only a few thousand dollars. Experts representing Neuralink are currently developing a fully automated system for the operation. The device is no larger than a coin and will be invisible to others. According to the idea of ​​the developers, the chip can affect the functionality of the brain, in particular, during treatment of various diseases.

Earlier, the billionaire reported on the successful results of chipping pigs. The implant, which was implanted in animals, helped researchers monitor the activity of tangible parts of the brain of even-toed ungulates using wireless technology – the researchers could see what the pig was touching with a piglet. According to experts, the development will help fight epilepsy, paralysis and other diseases in which there is a violation of the brain or spinal cord. In May, Elon Muck announced that Neuralink was preparing to implant a chip in the human brain. According to the inventor, it is necessary to spend another year to improve the development and people who have lost sight, hearing or mobility as a result of the disease will have an implant.

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