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Einride startup unveils 4 self-driving electric trucks



Over the past few years, the total number of various startups in all sorts of areas has increased many times, which is generally a pretty good and positive trend. One of these is the Swedish startup Einride. This company is positioned as a young but very promising player in the field of autonomous cargo transportation. One way or another, since the company was founded, not so much has been heard about it, but this time the manufacturer suddenly decided to declare itself.

The fact is that Einride has unveiled its new vehicle, which the manufacturer hopes to use for delivering various goods. Moreover, the company is so confident in its product that it intends to start using it as early as next 2021. The vehicle will be called “Autonomous Electric Transport”, or AET for short. These cars, by the way, were presented in four different versions at once.

The main feature of the Autonomous Electric Transport from Einride is that all versions of this vehicle will be supplied with steering wheel, pedals and windshield. And in general, without a driver’s cab. And yes, as it is not difficult to guess, Autonomous Electric Transport not only run on electricity, but also move autonomously. If we talk about the differences between different versions of trucks, then the first two, namely Autonomous Electric Transport 1 and 2, will be able to boast a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, a weight of 26 tons, a maximum loading weight of 16 tons, as well as a travel distance from one charge in 130-180 kilometers. If we talk about AET 3 and 4, then they still have the same weight of 26 tons and the same carrying capacity, but the maximum speed here is already 45 and 85 kilometers per hour, respectively.

Separately, it is worth noting the fact that the main difference between all four options lies in the area of ​​their potential application, as well as in the conditions under which the “car” can move autonomously without any problems. The AET 1 is designed specifically to operate “within a defined geographic area”, that is, to travel exclusively on roads that are marked on maps. In the meantime, AET 2 can already move outside the geographical area thanks to its remote control capability. The AET 3, meanwhile, is an even more versatile truck, as it was designed specifically for the countryside. Well, AET 4, in turn, can only move along the highway, but it is not deprived of remote control either.

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