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Doom Eternal On Nintendo Switch Will Be Digital Only – Bethesda Refunds Money For Pre-Order Game



Earlier it became known that released in March this year, the video game Doom Eternal will appear on the portable consoles Nintendo Switch. Many users have already pre-ordered, but Bethesda has suddenly started refunding customers. It turns out that Doom Eternal is still in development, so there is nothing to worry about, but the game will only be distributed digitally.

One of the largest gaming news publishers, IGN reached out to Bethesda to clarify the cancellation of pre-orders for Doom Eternal Switch. A Bethesda spokesperson replied:

“Doom Eternal is 100% pre-release, but digital only on Nintendo Switch, and the cancellation of retail physical copies of the game has resulted in pre-orders being returned.”

A company spokesperson also added that all pre-order money will be returned to their owners, and for more information, it is better to contact your preferred retailer.

In the meantime, there is still no information when Doom Eternal will debut on handheld consoles. Bethesda also hasn’t announced any dates yet, but now we know that the game will definitely be released sometime in the future.

Source: 3DNews

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