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Don’t rush with Android 11. Broken camera added to the list of problems




Google released the stable version of the Android 11 operating system a couple of weeks ago. During this time, reviews of the first users are accumulating on the network and it becomes clear that the launch was not “cloudless”.

Previously reported “broken” multitasking, strange flickering black screen and problems with Android Auto. Now, thematic resources have drawn attention to numerous complaints from users of Pixel smartphones (namely, stable Android 11 is available for this line) about various problems with the camera application.

Interestingly, similar issues with the Pixel 2 surfaced back in early 2020, but with the release of Android 11, complaints have skyrocketed.

And now not only the owners of the already rather old Pixel 2 are complaining, but also the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4. Pixel 2 users report that the camera application briefly shows its interface, but the “viewfinder” remains completely black. Sometimes the application refuses to open or immediately closes.

Moreover, not only the default camera application, Google Camera, is useless, but also third-party solutions, including those built into Instagram and Whatsapp. Users of other Pixel smartphones experience similar difficulties with the camera after updating to Android 11. For some users, the camera works, but the photos are not saved.

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