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Does the PlayStation 5 do that? Auto HDR on Xbox Series X in first video




As you know, the next generation Xbox game consoles are able to improve the games of the previous generations. Among other things, the Xbox Series X supports the Auto HDR function, which can automatically add HDR to old games, that is, simply increase the brightness of certain areas. And it really works.

Recall that Microsoft sent out its consoles to various bloggers and thematic publications and, it seems, did not take them back. So Jeffrey Grubb tried Auto HDR and showed us the results.

It turned out that in each of the games tested, the maximum brightness value reached 1000 cd / m2, which is a kind of gold standard for HDR. The video clearly shows which areas in a particular game have the maximum brightness, and sometimes these are huge “pieces” of the picture.

Given the conditionally unlimited backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X, this feature will clearly appeal to those who will actively play old games on the new console.


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