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Disassembly of Apple MacBook laptops showed minimal differences from last year’s models



IFixit masters disassembled Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptops, demonstrating the internals of the new products. Disassembly showed that the new models have slight differences from last year’s versions. Recall that the new products use their own Apple M1 chip instead of the Intel platform.

Earlier this month, the “apple” company introduced new laptops on its own platform. User tests have already appeared on the network, which can be read about here, and the new MacBook Air in Geekbench tests confidently bypassed the most expensive MacBook Pro model with Intel processors. You can read more about the features of the innovative Apple M1 chip here.

MacBook Pro

Despite the global platform change, iFixit experts had to double-check during the disassembly process to see if they had purchased last year’s laptops. Especially for the MacBook Pro, which is almost identical to last year’s MacBook Pro.

It uses a cooling system consisting of a fan, heat pipes and a small radiator. The MacBook Air has more differences – it uses passive cooling, which is made possible by the low power consumption of the M1 chip. The analysts noted the integrated memory of the Unified Memory Architecture, which makes it impossible to upgrade and replace the element, as well as the lack of the T2 chip, which is already built into the M1 processor.

MacBook Air

IFixit experts note that these changes took “years of hard work” and they are a platform for more global changes in the future.

Let’s remind that Apple Mac Mini was dismantled yesterday, which you can read about here. The internals of last year’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air can be found here and here, respectively.

Source: ifixit

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