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Devialet is preparing new Gemini wireless headphones




The French company Devialet, which specializes mainly in the development and production of accessories for mobile devices and home, today quite pleasantly pleased its users and fans of wireless headphones with a rather interesting Gemini model, which combines three more than functional features at once, allowing even the most demanding music lover to enjoy a truly excellent level of sound quality. So far, the Gemini model is only preparing for release, but we can say for sure that most likely during the current month Devialet will tell the public about some third-party features of the model.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the Gemini model of wireless in-ear headphones relies on the support of a modified and versatile active noise canceling technology, which operates on the basis of the following three algorithms – Delay Compensation to reduce the sound return rate during playback, Pressure Balance Architecture to eliminate problems with changing the tone at different pressures, as well as Ear Active Matching, which allows the end user not to worry about the final level of comfort when wearing the device in the ear for a long time, since it is able to adapt to different sizes of the inner ear.

As for the new noise canceling technology installed in them, it functions thanks to two pairs of microphone outputs in each of the headphones, which is a really uncharacteristic, but very interesting approach in such a technique – as a result, the end user does not have to worry about not hearing what something important at the time of listening.

Devialet has not yet revealed the final release date for its new device, but we can say for sure that it will take place before the end of this year – already now the company has opened the possibility of pre-ordering the model for 280 pounds. This price may seem prohibitive to some users, but considering that the model can last from 6 to 8 hours on a single charge, it will clearly quickly become one of the favorites in the segment of the most autonomous wireless audio devices on the market.

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