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Details about Huawei Y9a: flagship design and top-end charging




Huawei Y9a – budget transformation of Huawei Mate 30

Nearly two years of systematic sanctions from the US and Huawei almost fell to its knees. Despite all the ambiguous attitude towards the products of this company, I really want it to stop being a “whipping boy” and give change to the presumptuous President and the US government. At this stage, Huawei prefers not to voice that “everything is gone” and continues to release smartphones.

In September, we are waiting for the premiere of the Huawei Mate 40 series, and the Huawei Y9a should also debut soon. Images of the novelty appeared on the network, as well as a poster with a number of its characteristics. What immediately catches your eye is the design of the “back” in the style of Huawei Mate 30. This was done clearly in order to give solidity and with a focus on those who want an affordable device with an exterior from the flagships. Noteworthy is the departure from cutouts or recesses in the screen, and for this “smooth” effect, the front camera was clearly sent to a pull-out module on the upper edge.

Details about Huawei Y9a: flagship design and top-end charging - photo 2

What kind of chip formed the basis of Huawei Y9a is unknown. Considering that the company chose not to indicate it on the promo poster, there is no reason for pride in terms of the hardware platform and, perhaps, something was picked up for the new item in the Mediatek lineup. It is said about the presence of 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of constant, fast 40-watt SuperCharge charging and a side fingerprint scanner, which means that the matrix here is IPS. The Huawei Y9a will ship with a quad rear camera with a 64 MP main sensor.


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