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Declassified speed and cost of the Internet from Ilona Mask



According to Ilona Maska, users of the beta version of the StarLink satellite Internet service from SpaceX report Internet speeds that exceed the company’s promises. Now the biggest technical problem is how to make the Starlink kit cheaper. Many users who took part in the service speed survey said that the download speed exceeds 150 Mbps. The highest connection speed was 205.82 Mbps, it was recorded in Bellevue (Washington).

In an email on October 26, SpaceX said that users of a better-than-nothing beta test involving a network of nearly 900 satellites transmitting Internet services to Earth could expect speeds of 50 to 150 Mbps. with. However, SpaceX also told Starlink users that they may have “short periods of no connection at all.”

The table of recorded speeds, published on Reddit, states that the speed of Starlink over the summer (before the launch of the public beta version on October 26) decreased to 15 Mbps.

The beta version of the equipment and services costs about $ 600: $ 499 for a tripod, WiFi router and terminal to connect to Starlink satellites, as well as $ 99 for a monthly subscription.

Reducing the cost of the terminal included in the Starlink kit is “the company’s most difficult technical task,” Musk wrote on Twitter on November 2. He also said that in the coming days will be sent thousands of invitations to test the beta and that it may expand to Europe in February. Starlink’s goal is to spread the Internet across the Earth through a network of thousands of satellites.

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