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Deathmatch, Car Battle Royale, and New Modes – New Trailer Shown for Destruction AllStars



Destruction AllStars developers have shared a fresh trailer, in which they talked a little about the new game modes. Developers at Lucid Games have shown what real car chaos is, and it looks like the studio was inspired by series like Burnout and Flat Out.

In each of the game modes, you can participate not only alone, but also invite your friends. Also, gamers can play in the same team with AI. In one of the modes called Mayhem, which resembles the classic variation of Deathmatch in shooters, players will have to destroy as many enemies as possible within a certain amount of time. The winner is the one with the most points.

In Carnado mode, players will earn in-game collectibles and tournament aid. Stockpile is a team mode in which when the enemy players are destroyed, so-called Gears drop out, which will be required to defeat rivals. Finally, Gridfall is a 16-car battle royale. A tribute to the modern era and trends, after all.

Source: videogamer

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