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Death Star or Lenovo VoIP 360 – Lenovo’s New Star Wars Webcam



Although Lenovo is known for making laptops and monitors, that doesn’t stop it from being surprised. Lenovo has introduced a spherical webcam that resembles the Death Star from the Star Wars universe.

The camera is equipped with speakers, a 360-degree camera and has HD resolution. Lenovo VoIP 360 also has multi-directional microphones with remote voice pickup and noise canceling.

Lenovo VoIP 360 is a 90mm sphere with a camera sensor at the top, it has a metal construction and connects to a computer using a USB Type-C connector, which means it can potentially be connected to a smartphone or tablet.

What sets it apart from other models is that it is designed to be used on a flat surface, not on a work monitor. There is also a panoramic view function.

The microphone, speaker and camera work 360 degrees, and the ambient noise cancellation and acoustic noise canceling technology, according to Lenovo, will provide better sound for both parties.

The 2 Megapixel camera is optimized for leading UC platforms such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Skype, Amazon Chime, Cisco Webex, Cisco Jabber, Google Meet, Zoom, Bluejeans and more.

The cost of new items is $ 156.67.

You can select a webcam in the DNS directory.

Source: techradar

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