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Cyberpunk 2077 Release will be replaced by Night City Wire presentation



Over the eight years of waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, the audience has developed immunity to promises and postponements. It seems that even CD Project Red itself is beginning to feel sorry for the psyche of the waiting players. Therefore, he tries his best and even more, so as not to lose the devoted audience and stirs up interest in new events in the game world.

So, on November 19, instead of the planned Cyberpunk 2077 release, the studio decided to hold another Night City Wire presentation dedicated to Johnny Silverhand. The one that Keanu Reeves. Well, they will also talk about the musical accompaniment of the hero on the streets of Knight City. You can watch it in the official Twitch studio.

This is the fifth presentation of the upcoming blockbuster game world. The broadcast will be the longest in the series, so the developers promise to show a lot of interesting things.

Apparently, the studio understands that with the postponement of the reputation and past merits, you will not go far, so it tries to make the information barrier between users and developers as transparent as possible.  In the meantime, the game is due out on December 10 and no further transfers are planned.

Source: Twitter

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