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Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Release Soundtracks To The Public



CD Projekt Red understands that multiple transfers of the game could damage its reputation. Therefore, the developers are trying with all their might to keep waiting buyers with something interesting before the official release of the game on sale.

Yesterday, the Poles held another presentation of Night City Wire, which became the fifth and largest of all gaming events on Cyberpunk 2077. The main attention was paid to the playable character Johnny Silverhand and his real-life counterpart Keanu Reeves. The developers also presented the full versions of all six game soundtracks.

The creators of the soundtracks believe that the correct combination of sounds in music allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay more deeply, so each task in the game has a unique accompaniment that was created literally for it.

Almost the entire OST of the game is electronic, however, Leonard-Morgan said that composers tried to use as many analog instruments as possible for the “warmth” of the sound.

The developers have also added a “Streamer mode” feature to the game, which will allow streamers to disable certain songs so as not to violate copyrights during broadcasts.


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