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Creative Stage Air soundbar review: specifications, description, reviews



When it comes to good sound, there is always a choice problem. There are a huge number of brands, in different budgets, with different technical and design solutions. But in the end it all comes down to what you like best, both in terms of sound and price.

Today on the agenda we will have a TV soundbar from Creative. And it will be an affordable, but very high-quality and interesting solution for buying. Moreover, the Creative company has occupied its place of honor among the leaders of the audio equipment market for the general public for decades.

The review will include the Creative Stage Air soundbar, which is slightly different from the original model, since it does not have an external subwoofer and there are also a couple of small simplifications of designs, but the price tag is such that you can only enjoy this splendor. We will not talk about exact prices, because in our country everyone has long forgotten what stable price tags are, and it’s better that you yourself will find the current prices at the time of reading this review. So let’s finally start looking at Creative Stage Air. And we will start, as it should be, with unpacking!

Unboxing the Creative Stage Air

In front of us is a rectangular box made of good thick cardboard, and even with a pretty nice design. The typography is, as it should be, at a high level. The information content of everything that is printed on the box is also excellent. Here we immediately see how the soundbar looks, and its features, and connectivity.

The delivery set is rather modest, although you won’t have to expect anything else. Inside the box, we see the soundbar itself, a USB cable, an audio cable and some waste paper. Everything is according to the classical scheme and nothing more.

There is nothing else to look at in the unpacking, so let’s go directly to the Saudbar itself.

Creative Stage Air design and appearance

This device is visually very similar to the original Creative Stage Air, but only smaller in size. The design is beautiful in its rigor and simplicity. On the front side, we have a protective mesh with the Creative logo in the very center. The rest of the body is made of glossy black plastic, which can be called a very controversial decision, but it looks very good. But still, fingerprints, dust, as well as small scratches from frequent wiping from dust – all this will definitely be here.

The shape of this speaker, of course, is made in such a way that it fits perfectly into the base of a TV, monitor and other things with screens.
On the right side, we can find rubberized control keys. It is intuitive, light and relaxed here. Keystrokes effortlessly.

On the back panel, we see a special “compartment” with all physical interfaces for connection that are available in this speaker.

Onboard there are USB Type-A port, microUSB port for power and AUX. Everything is quite simple, non-trivial, and the arrangement of ports in one pile can be called an excellent solution, because it will be easier to lay cables and you should not have to look for them. Well, you won’t scratch the glossy plastic of the case, because a special matte ABS plastic is provided here, which will cope with everything that you prepare for it.

At the base there are two rubberized feet, the functionality of which is difficult to dispute. They will not allow the speaker to roll on the surface, and also perfectly dampen vibration when sounding.

In work

It goes without saying that onboard the Creative Stage Air there is also a wireless option for connecting to a sound source. And for this, Bluetooth version 4.2 with the SBC codec is used. We won’t even talk about the connection process, because it’s all trivial, and each of you knows how to do it.

The connection is as stable as possible, you will never hear interference, interference and long delays during operation. You can control sound playback without even taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Be sure to clarify that Creative Stage Air is a completely self-contained portable speaker, because there is a 2200 mAh battery on board. And on a single charge, it will work up to 6 hours at the highest volume level.

To this we must add the player built into the column, which is friendly with all popular audio formats and can read whatever you want from an external medium.

And once again we want to say that sound quality is a very subjective concept. Each person has their own hearing, their own preferences and so on. Therefore, before buying, we still recommend that you first listen to any audio equipment yourself, and never rely on any reviews like ours. After all, it’s one thing if we like the sound, but it’s important that you like it (no matter how silly it sounds now).

Well, we can say with confidence that Creative Stage Air is completely satisfied with its sound quality. And with a pure heart, I can say that I liked the sound quality very much. The sound can be described as very rich, accurate and even “lively”. The column copes well with low frequencies, which is very pleasant for watching some action movies. Yes, and I liked listening to music, too, and therefore the volume margin is sufficient here, and there is even a surround sound effect. In general, with the sound, in our opinion, everything is fine. And how could it be any different if it’s a product from Creative? After all, this brand has never done bad things over the decades of its existence.

Conclusions about Creative Stage Air

Despite the fact that Creative Stage Air belongs to the budget segment and costs very modest money, the sound quality is very high here. Moreover, there is a battery on board, which allows you to use the speaker without being connected to the network. And the autonomy is solid, and there is also a built-in player. To all this, we add a beautiful and austere appearance. Therefore, Creative Stage Air is absolutely definitely considered as a good addition to a computer, all-in-one or TV. Well, or if you are a special esthete, then it is also suitable as a regular Bluetooth speaker.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that the glossy case, which will delight you with its shine for a very short time. Otherwise, Creative Stage Air is an excellent choice if you are puzzled by buying a soundbar for reasonable money.

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