Home News Created skin chips that are easily washed off the skin with water

Created skin chips that are easily washed off the skin with water

by Henry Brown

Chipping people to track health parameters is reaching a new level after American scientists invented the technology of printing sensors on the skin without the use of high temperatures. Another advantage of the sensors is the ability to easily remove them from the skin using ordinary water.

Traditional techniques for bonding chips to human skin involve heating the surface to temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. Naturally, a person is not able to withstand such temperature exposure.

Professor Huang Chen, who leads a team of researchers in the United States, said that the new technique will allow the combination of silver ions directly on the human skin without causing damage. As a result, it became possible to print directly on the skin, and the sensors can be removed simply by rinsing them with water.

A sensor printed on the skin will be able to track health indicators such as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate or pulse. In the future, scientists plan to use the technology to integrate into applications that monitor the appearance of a symptom of coronavirus.

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