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Cream Finance will refund stolen funds to users



Cream Finance will reimburse users for stolen ETH and AMP through protocol fees.

The developers of Cream Finance’s DeFi protocol, which was recently hacked, are planning to compensate users affected by the hacker attack. The creators of the project will allocate 20% of the collected transaction fees for damages.

The developers also announced that they are ready to pay 10% of the stolen amount to the hacker if he returns the stolen funds.

As previously reported, the Cream Finance protocol was hacked on August 30th. Losses of Cream Finance amounted to 462,079,976 AMP and 2804 ETH – more than $ 18 million.

According to the developers’ report, this attack was the first time that Cream Finance has suffered from a direct hack. With the help of PeckShield, the project team discovered that the vulnerability was the result of a bug in AMP integration into the protocol.

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