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Corsair showed the most expensive and advanced keyboard

by Henry Brown


Among PC gamers, the products of an accessory manufacturer such as Corsair enjoy an extremely good reputation. And if you wanted to buy yourself a new gaming keyboard, and you also like the aforementioned company, then very soon you will be able to combine your two desires. The thing is that the aforementioned tech giant has officially unveiled the K100 – its new keyboard. And the first thing you should immediately pay attention to is the fact that at the moment the K100 is the most expensive mechanical gaming keyboard of the company, because Corsair asks for $ 299 for its new product, which is quite a lot.

And right away it should be said that this really high cost is partly due to the proprietary “control dial” installed in the keyboard called iCue, located in the upper left corner. It is also worth noting that 44 zones of RGB LEDs can be configured very easily on this keyboard. Moreover, the backlight is present even along the edges of the keyboard, which looks very impressive in the dark. And no, the backlighting around the edges will not interfere with you, or it will “hit you in the eye” too much, as was the case with the K95 Platinum RGB.

This time, Corsair engineers corrected their mistake. Be that as it may, in any case, the main advantage of the upcoming keyboard will be precisely the aforementioned “control dial” iCue. Although at first glance it may seem superfluous and useless, in fact, it can greatly simplify a variety of actions. There are already similar keyboards with similar “disks” on the market, and as many users claim, this is an ideal solution for controlling and activating functions for which you usually need to press or hold several keys at once. And you can set up virtually any action you want on the iCue.

And of course, the proprietary iCue software has the ability to configure nine different commands at once, which you find most necessary for yourself. By the way, each function in the same software can be assigned a certain color, which will visually signal which action the iCue is currently configured for. If we talk about all the other features of the Corsair K100, then this keyboard does not stand out in anything special. So if you’re looking to buy a really high-quality and comfortable mechanical keyboard that has finely tunable and pretty nice backlighting and an incredibly convenient iCue “dial”, then the Corsair K100 is an excellent choice. The only downside is the $ 229 price tag mentioned above.

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