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Chinese are no longer needed – Xiaomi unveils the first autonomous robotic factory Xiaomi Smart Factory



MIT Technology Review, a magazine specializing in technology and artificial intelligence, has ranked Xiaomi in the top 50 smartest companies on the market. This is a great achievement and the Xiaomi Smart Factory has played a significant role.

Xiaomi entered the 50 Smartest Companies for the first time, becoming one of the smartest companies on the market. This is due to the great technological advancements and the high degree of innovation that Xiaomi has demonstrated last year.

This new achievement of Xiaomi is largely due to the Xiaomi Smart Factory, a smartphone assembly factory where each of the internal parts of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra can be assembled completely autonomously.

The Xiaomi Smart Factory, which emerged after an investment of over 10 billion yuan, about 1270 million euros, demonstrates Xiaomi’s clear goal of increasing smartphone stocks, especially in the international market.

The Xiaomi smart factory, capable of producing over 10 million smartphones per year, has for the first time allowed Xiaomi to enter the TOP 50 of the smartest companies and will be the first step towards parting with the human factor in the production process.

However, for now, this automated Xiaomi factory is only responsible for assembling the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. In the future, Xiaomi intends to expand its lineup so that each of its smartphones is assembled and tested in autonomous factories.

Source: xiaomiadictos

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