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CDPR demanded the removal of the Cyberpunk 2077 mod, which allowed to have sex with the character Keanu Reeves



Studio CD Projekt Red asked to remove from the NexusMods website a modification for the game Cyberpunk 2077, which allowed having sex with Keanu Reeves’ hero – Johnny Silverhand, as well as other characters. The developers clarified that they are not opposed to creating mods with replacement of character models, but not if they are used for explicit scenes without the permission of the actors who provided them with their appearance. reports Eurogamer.

The mod was created by a site user with the nickname Catmino. It allowed players to manually change character textures. Along with the mod, Catmino published an instruction that explained how to use the model of Silverhand and other heroes instead of the model, for example, the sex bot from the game.

Hey, you’re looking for some company tonight. from cyberpunkgame

Thus, players could participate in a sex scene with Keanu Reeves, however, the newspaper notes, the mod did not work well enough – Silverhand and the other characters still spoke in the voice of a sex bot and remained dressed. However, despite some imperfection, the players still expressed admiration for the mod – as one of the users wrote, this is “the closest opportunity to have an affair with Johnny.”

At the time of publication page modifications on NexusMods are no longer available.

CDPR said it does not tolerate creating game modifications that might offend other people. In particular, the use of models of actors who gave their appearance to the characters of Cyberpunk 2077 can be poorly received by them, the developers say, so moderators must first obtain permission from all interested parties to publish such creations. At the same time, the studio promised that they would be allowed to do anything with the characters whose appearance CDPR created from scratch.

Keanu Reeves himself has not yet commented on the creation of a mod with the participation of his digital model in explicit scenes of the game.

January 27 developers added modding tools into the game so that players can independently supplement Cyberpunk 2077 with new content and fix some bugs. CDPR has promised on the official website that it will continually update the tool along with regular game patches to ensure compatibility.

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