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Caviar unveils iPhone 12 Pro collection dedicated to Apple’s first computer 1




The Russian company Caviar, which produces premium versions of popular gadgets, has presented a new series of iPhone 12 Pro, dedicated to the first Apple computer 1.

The collection includes two devices: the iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 Light in a wooden case with a piece of a chip from the original Apple 1 computer, and the iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 version with a fragment of the board and a miniature titanium monitor that adorns the back panel.

A simpler smartphone is available for pre-order, for an iPhone without a Max prefix with 128 GB of memory they ask for 349 thousand rubles. The back panel is made of wood, the texture of which resembles the original drawing of the Apple 1 case with an identical lettering. A total of 49 copies will be produced.

A smartphone with a fragment of the board will cost 499 thousand rubles (also a regular iPhone 12 Pro with 128 GB). The back panel is made of wood, but already with a titanium monitor with a glossy finish and keyboard buttons that form the word Computer. The series consists of nine devices.

By tradition, we give the word Caviar with the preservation of punctuation and spelling:

The first computer of the future global giant and innovator of the digital industry – Apple 1, inspired Caviar designers to create a unique gadget Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1.

In a wooden cabinet with a glossy titanium monitor, reminiscent of the original Apple 1 design, is embedded a piece of the world’s first personal computer. A part of the historical event is in your hands!

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Classic will become a unique and unrepeatable accessory for all fans of Apple products and lovers of rarity.

By purchasing the Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1 phone, you become the owner of a rare exhibit – part of the first computer of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Apple 1.

Source: Caviar

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