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Canon unveils PowerShot Zoom compact camera

by Henry Brown

When it comes to cameras for shooting, the image of the camera in its classic, already familiar form immediately emerges in everyone’s mind. And while almost all manufacturers try to stick to the well-known camera concept, Canon presents us with something really new, unusual and interesting. Just yesterday, the manufacturer announced PowerShot Zoom – a compact telephoto monocular lens, the design of which looks more like a rangefinder for a golf course than a full-fledged camera or a classic video camera.

And if you believe the words of Canon, the new product will be designed “not only for shooting 12-megapixel photos, as well as video in 1080p, but also for convenient and comfortable viewing of hiking, bird watching and admiring nature.” Especially in order to achieve acceptable image quality while maintaining such a compact form factor, a relatively tiny 1/3-inch sensor was built into the PowerShot Zoom, along with an f / 5.6-6.3 lens, which supports a focal length of 100 mm or 400 mm and digital zoom up to 800 mm. Despite the fact that the camera is quite tiny, you will clearly not run out of memory, because you can easily insert a microSD memory card into the PowerShot Zoom from Canon.

And by the way, it is also striking that the company managed to integrate optical stabilization into such a compact body, as well as the ability to autofocus using face tracking technology. Well, the built-in battery, according to the company, should be enough for about 150 shots. In any case, you shouldn’t think of PowerShot Zoom as just a camera. Canon itself is positioning its development as a kind of modern monocular, which in turn gives you a strong magnification of what you are looking at. That is, with PowerShot Zoom, you can really more comfortably observe concerts, sporting events, wildlife and so on.

A 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder will play a major role in this. It is also worth noting that a proprietary application called Canon Camera Connect will make it extremely easy to capture and share photos using your smartphone. In monocular mode, the PowerShot Zoom can work for about 70 minutes, but this is not a big problem, since the device can be recharged using a portable battery via the USB-C port. The PowerShot Zoom will appear on sale at the end of November this year at a price of $ 300.

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