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British retailer Tesco to begin delivering goods by drones next month

by Henry Brown


The idea of ​​using drones to deliver goods is becoming more and more popular among large retailers. Following the American company Walmart, Tesco, the UK’s largest retail chain, announced plans to begin testing drone delivery.

To do this, Tesco has teamed up with drone delivery company Manna. It is reported that the retailer will begin testing drone shipments of goods to customers at its store in Oranmore, County Galway, western Ireland, late next month. Delivery will be carried out within a maximum of three minutes to customers located 1.5 km from the store. If successful, the company plans to expand the number of stores participating in the testing, which will take place within six months.

Press Association

Moving at a speed of 80 km / h, the Manna drone can deliver up to 4 kg of purchases in a cargo basket, which is lowered to the site at the client’s home. Testing is aimed at the “small basket” market, which according to Tesco’s forecasts in the UK will amount to 11 billion euros in the coming years.


Manna has already partnered with Just Eat, a restaurant chain that launched Europe’s first drone takeaway service in Dublin in February this year. “Manna has already shown its capabilities, the question is how do we use them in Tesco “, – said the head of Tesco Dave Lewis (Dave Lewis).

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