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Brazilian authorities order Apple to return power adapters to iPhone 12



Again Apple, again dissatisfaction with new solutions, and again the governments of some countries are interfering in the matter. As we all know, Apple has decided to make even more money … Sorry, Apple has decided to reduce its carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly. And so now, for the full cost of the iPhone 12, we have nothing in the kit except a smartphone and a charging cable.

Power adapter and headphones are no longer included. But everything can be bought separately for separate money. Oh, this concern for the environment … After all, every Apple user, according to Apple itself, has a lot of headphones and power adapters at home. And supposedly nobody needs a new one, so you don’t need to put it in the delivery set. And then it turns out that the new power cable has USB Type-C, and that automatically makes all those power adapters of yours useless. And we’re still talking about caring for nature and polar bears at the North Pole.

Many were satisfied with this state of affairs. Because Apple decided that it is useless to fight this company, and I really want to buy a new iPhone 12. Therefore, we will tolerate, overpay, but we will use it. But still, there were those who also did not believe Apple, but have the ability to put pressure on it. Thus, in October it turned out that in France, the iPhone 12 still comes with headphones. It has now been revealed that in Brazil, the iPhone 12 will have bundled power adapters. Because the government of the state of São Paulo has decided that Apple is now obliged to provide customers with a complete package, not just one smartphone.

The Brazilian government demanded that Apple explain the advisability of removing the power supply from the smartphone package. Because in Brazil, they believe that removing the charger from the kit is only harmful for ordinary customers, but there is no real benefit to protect the environment. Well, Apple continued to bend its line that everyone has these chargers and no one needs them. And they haven’t forgotten about carbon dioxide either. But such a response did not suit Brazil, because the power supply is an important thing and selling a smartphone without a power adapter directly contradicts the consumer protection laws of this country.

In the end, Apple was unable to provide conclusive evidence that removing chargers and shrinking boxes would actually reduce emissions. And Apple does not want to provide technical support for buyers who bought themselves power adapters from other manufacturers. In general, the decision is correct, and no matter how much Apple wants to pull the ecology by the ears, removing components from the package is simply an attempt to make more money selling separately what should be immediately with a smartphone. We hope that many other countries will follow Brazil’s example.

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