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Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Goes On Sale



Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Goes On Sale

The famous Boston Dynamics Spot robotic dog is finally on sale. There are two nuances: it costs $ 74,500 and you can get it only in the USA. Last year, the manufacturer began to accept preliminary applications for the robot.


Yes, the price tag is comparable to the Tesla Model S, but this is a robot, and even the most advanced of mobile ones, which are not afraid of any obstacles – and constant videos from the landfill prove this. See for yourself, for example, a commercial:

For $ 74,500 you get: the Spot robot itself, two batteries, a control tablet, charger, housing and software. For a limited time, delivery will be free, the first robots will be sent in four to six weeks.

This is the “basic” version, for certain tasks you can buy the necessary sensors. The price tags there are also scary, but what to do.

Only two robots can be purchased at one time, and for educational institutions and companies they will have to negotiate conditions with the manufacturer at all (discounts, additional sensors and an advanced communication infrastructure for management are provided).

Spot is capable of speeds up to 5.76 km / h and will work on one charge for about an hour and a half. In space, the robot is guided by a system of stereo cameras, it is also able to lift loads up to 14 kg and operate at temperatures from -20 ℃ to 45 ℃.

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