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Bomaker Polaris Laser Projector Raises The Right Amount On Indiegogo In Just 2 Hours



The Bomaker Polaris UHD ultra-short throw laser projector presented at the Indiegogo site turned out to be so popular and in demand that the amount requested by the developers was raised in just 2 hours. And in just the first day, almost 100 thousand US dollars were collected.

The novelty uses a special technology that mixes blue, green and red from three different sources. This approach allows you to cover 193% of the NTSC space, offering the viewer a contrasting and vivid image with the most accurate color reproduction.

The Bomaker Polaris projector received a very high quality Ricoh lens. HDR10 range supported. The declared brightness is 2500 ANSI lumens, as well as the motion compensation technology MEMC. Distance from the screen: 15 to 53 cm, while the diagonal of the image can vary from 80 to 150 inches.

To reduce the strain on the viewer’s eyes, the projector detects the distance to objects and, if people are too close, automatically dims the brightness.

The novelty also received built-in speakers supporting Dolby DTS technology. The work is based on the Mstar 6A-838 processor, operating at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. In the presence of 32 GB of main and 3 GB of RAM. Required power: 185 W. The declared resource of work is 30 thousand hours. The connection is provided using a wireless channel, but there are also RCA, Ethernet, USB and HDMI connectors.

Source: Indiegogo

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