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BMW Unveils Motorrad Concept CE 04 Electric Scooter



BMW has unveiled a bold new electric scooter concept: Motorrad Definition CE 04.

The company did not release any specifications and did not say if such a scooter would ever go into production. But BMW has said its goal is to “redefine the scooter segment,” and that it cannot be done without putting something into production. Motorrad Definition CE 04 has a very unusual design. It seems that the development of the scooter attracted the designers of Cyberpunk 2077.

BMW will have a lot of competition if and when it decides to take the CE 04 out of the concept category and into the realm of reality. There are many relatively inexpensive scooters available right now. Moreover, not only Chinese manufacturers are competing, but also Western companies such as Segway-Ninebot and the like. However, BMW is very serious. The German automaker has worked hard to create a range of battery-powered two-wheelers in recent years. So we are waiting for news.

Source: theverge

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