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BMW develops i4-based electric sports car




Literally the whole world knows about such an automaker as BMW. But few are aware that this German company has its own division dedicated to motorsport and the production of related vehicles – BMW M. The news is that this division just announced yesterday that it had started developing its first electric vehicle with a battery the basis of the upcoming electric car BMW i4.

According to the information that was published by CarAdvice, Markus Flush, CEO of BMW M, made the above statement in a recent press conference for a number of Australian media outlets. But the most interesting thing is that Markus, in the framework of the same interview, said that this upcoming car will be presented next year, which is a really pleasant and unexpected surprise. The electric car itself will fall into the segment of “high-performance cars” of the company. It is also worth focusing on the following words of Markus Flush: “Next year we will launch the first battery-electric M car in the performance segment based on the BMW i4.

I would also like to say that now we have begun to actively work on hybrid, electrified and high-performance cars, but now it is too early to say what exactly they will be like ”. So now you can be completely confident that the upcoming electric car of the BMW M series will be much more sporty than the standard and well-known i4. And nevertheless, the upcoming novelty will still not be able to compare with the most “high-performance” models of companies such as the BMW M3 and M4. Markus Flush argues that current battery technology is still not well suited to his high-performance vehicles.

He believes that the battery the company needs will not be created until a few years later, and so far the automaker cannot realize its full potential. We do not know the exact characteristics of the upcoming car, but we can assume that we can expect much better performance than the standard version of the NBMW i4. By the way, the i4 will have an engine with a capacity of 390 kW, thanks to which the car can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just four seconds. And if the upcoming electric BMW M is even better, the car will be a success.


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