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Bloodborne on PS5 Runs at 30 FPS as Optimization Issues Still Unresolved



Some time ago, there were rumors on the network that From Software, known for its games in the Souls-like series, was developing a remake of Bloodborne. However, so far there are no details about the remake, and the current Bloodborne on PS5 cannot be played with a stable 60 FPS.

Analyst Lance McDonald on Twitter said that not all From Software backward compatible PS4 games support the promised 60fps. In particular, the famous video game Bloodborne, released back in 2015, runs on PS5 at 30 FPS. However, in defense of the new generation console, it should be said that the game pleases with the stability of the frames, while on the PS4 Pro there were “drawdowns” in FPS.

A future patch is expected to be released for Bloodborne that will improve optimization and allow for 60fps play on PS5. Moving on to other From Software games, MacDonald says Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice support 60 FPS on Next-gen consoles.

Recall that the PlayStation 5 will be released in Japan, the USA, Canada and several other countries on November 12.

Source: Wccfetch

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