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Bitcoin is to blame for everything. The cost of video cards in the secondary market in China over the past five months increased by $ 160



The rise in the price of video cards in retail is a phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye. In the secondary market, the rise in prices is not so striking, but it also exists. Here’s a final example: In China, the average price of a hand-held graphics card sold has increased by $ 160 over the past five months.

The graph clearly shows that if the cost of a transaction in the secondary market did not increase much from November last year to February this year, then in March it just skyrocketed. The reasons for this are an increase in the quotations of cryptocurrencies and, in particular, Bitcoin, as well as a shortage in the retail market.

Forecasts so far, alas, are pessimistic: analysts are confident that the crisis in the video card market will last at least until the third quarter of this year. But there are also darker estimates: the deficit will continue to be felt in 2022.

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