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Bing will become the main browser on Android




POLAND – 2019/11/10: In this photo illustration a Microsoft Bing displayed on a smartphone. (Photo Illustration by Omar Marques / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)

The past year and a half has been far from the easiest for the world’s largest tech companies, as governments in many countries have begun to conduct their own antitrust investigations. Giants such as Apple, Facebook and Google have suffered the most from this. And if we talk about the latter, then such antitrust investigations really managed to influence Google. It became known that as part of the antitrust agreement adopted by the countries of Europe, Google Corporation will offer all new users of Android smartphones the ability to download any other competing search browser, so that people immediately understand that they may not be limited to just Google Chrome.

This decree will be implemented simply – all buyers of new smartphones based on the above operating system in Europe at the first launch will see a list of several browsers, which will be installed first and will be your default search engine. Right now, Google has put these “free browser slots” up for auction. That is, not all search engines will be offered at the very beginning of the journey of using your smartphone, but only those that will be able to conclude an appropriate agreement with Google.

This practice will not be implemented immediately, but gradually – the deployment of the new initiative will begin on October 1, and should end on December 31 of this year. And although at the moment it is not known what kind of browsers can be chosen instead of Chrome, it is still already known that Microsoft still managed to “push” its product. And no, this is not about the outdated Explorer browser. In no case. On Android smartphones, it will be possible to select Bing as the main search engine. It will become one of four options available immediately upon launching a smartphone in countries such as Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Spain and Norway, along with Germany. In any case, although it is not yet official, but the authoritative publication Bloomberg, claims that other leading positions are currently occupied by the following search engines:; PrivacyWall; GMX.

They will occupy most of the countries in Europe. But in any case, the main news here is that Microsoft, almost officially, paid to get its Bing public in some consumer markets. And overall, this move has the potential to increase Bing’s market share very well. By the way, at the moment the share of Bing users is 3.06 percent.


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