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Big Chrome OS update. Chromebook is becoming a smart screen



Devices that run the Chrome OS operating system have been supported for much longer than Android smartphones and tablets. Google has released a fresh update for devices running Chrome OS that offers several interesting and useful features. One of them turns your device into a smart display.

The Chrome OS 88 update adds support for signing in with the PIN or fingerprint you set up to unlock your Chromebook. This is a useful feature that makes sign-in easier and faster as long as your site is WebAuthn-enabled. Some of the supported sites are Dropbox, GitHub, and Okta. Google says you can also use your PIN or fingerprint if you are using two-step verification.

Another important feature that comes with the update is the Personalization feature, which turns your Chromebook into a personalized smart display. Users can choose to have Google Nest Hub display photos from your Photo Album on the lock screen – similarly, you can now display photos from your Google Photo Album or Gallery on a Chromebook’s locked screen.

Your lock screen will also display such information, current weather and music being played. You also don’t need to unlock your device to control playback. This setting can be activated in Settings> Personalization> Screensaver.

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