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Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What


Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review, Comparison, What to Choose, Features



The eternal question: which laptop to choose? And after all, not only gamers and video editors need powerful machines, people who perform any work on a computer prefer to be confident in the strength and reliability of their device. Today, the electronic equipment market is overflowing with all kinds of models of any brands, and new gadgets continue to come out every month, confusing users, vying with each other to shout that their laptop is the most powerful in the world, the most beautiful, long-lasting and also budgetary!

We regularly review top-end devices in different price segments to avoid this exhausting confusion. But we ourselves are the same users of modern technologies, so we want to figure out what’s what. Today we have selected a fair number of laptops, conditionally budget (everything is relative), which, in our opinion, are best suited for work, daily and many hours. We’ll see?

1606835975 135 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Lenovo IdeaPad S340

We start with the sleek Lenovo IdeaPad S340 laptop, which is part of the line of the same name. This series is designed for ordinary users, not gamers, who just need a decent gadget with good performance and battery life. The model has a 15.6 “diagonal screen with IPS matrix and FullHD resolution. The viewing angle is wide, which means there is no annoying reflections when tilting or looking from the side. The device is powered by an 8th generation Intel i3 dual-core processor and has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB built in. On a full battery charge, the gadget will last 8.5-9 hours of use.A simple and reliable option for students and those who work with text documents, communicate on the network and like to watch movies in cozy evenings.

1606835976 124 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Dell Inspiron 13 5000

Another laptop that lasts 11 hours of use. Since we are talking about gadgets just for sedentary, long-term work, this parameter is the most important. Also, the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 is compact and lightweight, so, again, it wins among its brethren: we need mobility! Especially for freelancers who travel everywhere with their devices. The screen received a 13.3 “diagonal and Full HD resolution, but sometimes there is not enough brightness in strong light, this can interfere with long work: although it depends on the conditions and personal perception. But the transformer design allows you to use the device in different positions, which is also noticeable a plus.

1606835977 545 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

The model is powered by a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It also has a built-in Waves MaxxAudio Pro audio system and Intel HD Graphics 520, so the sound and picture quality of this little one is simply magical. A model that has been running for more than ten hours must be protected from overheating, otherwise its lifespan will leave much to be desired. So, Dell Inspiron 13 5000 is resistant to high temperatures and behaves well during long-term use. He is also not afraid of external overheating, for example, if you work outside on a sunny day.

1606835980 539 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

ASUS Vivobook S15

This model features a 15.6 “Full HD display. A slim NanoEdge bezel allows for more screen real estate while keeping the overall design miniaturized. Thus, the display area is 80% of the size of the entire laptop lid. Slim, light and stylish: specially designed for mobile life The weight of the device is less than one and a half kilograms, and the thickness is 17.9 mm. Powered by an Intel Core i5 / Core i7 processor. The volume of RAM is 8 GB, and the built-in 512 GB. ASUS VivoBook S15 is great for hours of work and has good autonomy.

1606835988 863 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

The increased depth of the keys contributes to a comfortable work with the device, even if you have been sitting in front of the screen for more than an hour. And if during this time it has already managed to get dark, then this is nothing, because the keyboard is equipped with excellent backlighting, and the brightness and contrast of the screen allow you to work in any light. There is also built-in Splendid technology, which includes three display modes, including a gentle mode designed for safer screen reading: the eyes will fatigue less, which means you can avoid not only headaches, but also visual impairment.

1606835994 78 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Lenovo Yoga Book

A very attractive, compact, comfortable model based on the Intel Atom x5-Z855 processor. There are 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. The screen diagonal is small, 10.1 “, it is, let’s say, a large transforming tablet, but the more he falls in love with himself: it is easy to carry such a machine with you on trips or just carry it with you, while the beech can change positions and install it can be anywhere. The screen, by the way, touch! Additional memory in the form of 128 GB can be installed using an SD card. The task of the manufacturers was to create the most mobile and productive gadget, and they fully managed to bring this idea to life! The model was loved by millions, and we The gadget also has a stylus, so you can also create graphics or take notes by hand: it’s not for nothing that this Book! Lenovo Yoga Book is available with both Windows OC on board and Android OC.

1606836005 641 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Microsoft Surface Go

Another kid, works on an Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor. There are 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The screen is touch-sensitive, with soft corners, the model looks very neat. The display diagonal is 10 “. Needless to say, this is an excellent portable device for working anywhere. There is also a fingerprint sensor located on the right side of the keyboard, it is located right on the power button, so no one can use laptops without the knowledge of the owner. the secret is that this gadget is a direct competitor to Chromebooks, and in principle, that’s why they both deservedly got into our today’s selection.

1606836007 587 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

HP Stream 11

The model with a perky design is powered by an Intel Celeron N3050 processor and has 4 GB of RAM and only 32 GB of internal memory, this is perhaps the main nuance that you need to consider: you should think about it if you are satisfied with such a volume. The screen diagonal is 11.6 “, so the model is portable, which is naturally a big plus. Another bonus is the annual subscription to Office 365 programs: Excel, Word and Powerpoint: you get it for free with the purchase of the gadget. This is an absolute advantage for those who like once acquires a device for work.large touchpad and a bright keyboard with a pleasant, precise stroke allow you to comfortably immerse yourself in long work with documents.An autonomy is pleasant, is 10 hours.Of the shortcomings, perhaps, it is worth noting the not very high power of the speakers.

1606836008 373 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Asus VivoBook E403NA

Beautiful and efficient, the gadget runs on an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 4 GB of memory, plus 128 GB of built-in memory. The screen diagonal is 14 “. The case is thin and light, the weight of the device does not exceed one and a half kilograms. The autonomy of the gadget shows decent, on a single charge it works up to fourteen hours. The unusual finishing of the aluminum case adds elegance and style. The model also has a built-in IceCool cooling system, which does not The touchpad is characterized by maximum accuracy and reads touches without errors, so you can plunge into work without worrying about hand movements: it is more convenient to do such actions on the machine. Including there is a function of control with several fingers and, accordingly , gesture recognition. The processor is powerful enough to cope with long work, movies and even undemanding games, but at medium graphics settings. With the help of Splendid technology, you can adjust the display depending on the type of work and lighting. Speakers of the model are well placed: while listening music or movie watching uk goes straight ahead, that is, to the user.

1606836009 652 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

HP Pavilion x360

The model with a touch screen 14 “on an Intel Core i3 / Core i5 processor. The volume of RAM is 8 GB, and the built-in 500 GB. The lightweight, compact laptop remains active for 8.5 hours and is great for working with documents and office programs. For surfing the net and other everyday tasks like watching a movie Most importantly, the device is completely portable, and the screen can be completely folded back, turning a laptop into a tablet in one second.This allows you to work virtually anywhere without losing comfort and your own productivity. The input devices are comfortable, the screen is contrasty and bright, the touchpad is responsive to touch, the lack of keyboard backlighting is the lack of a backlit keyboard, the Pavilion x360 Convertible stylus is also included, with which you can draw and take notes, just like on plain paper.

1606836011 224 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Apple MacBook AIR 2020

Yes, we know that this handsome guy cannot be called budget in the usual sense, but we could not remain silent and decided to add an inexpensive (for “apple”) MacBook Air to the selection. The model is powered by a 10th generation Intel Core i3 / Core i7 processor and has 8 to 16 GB of RAM and from 256 GB to 2 TB of internal storage. It is a multi-performance machine that is suitable for work in any program, including games and video editing. The gadget has a display with a diagonal of only 13.3 “, so it is ideal for carrying it with you: indecently beautiful and light as a large notebook.

1606836015 619 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

Whoever and for whatever chooses a new laptop, millions of users opt for devices from Apple. And if it was only about the brand, all this would have ended long ago. But the manufacturer does not just mark the best, but he is: there is still nothing in the modern electronics market that can compare with Apple’s technology both externally and in matters of filling. MacBook Air is ideal for study, especially if you need to carry the laptop; for freelancing: after all, you definitely need to carry a laptop with you; for work at home: if you don’t want to go anywhere, but you need a stylish, ergonomic and powerful gadget that will not let you down.

Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

The Magic Keyboard makes your work even more comfortable, the touchpad responds to gestures and accurately reads your finger movements. The Retina display, with great contrast and brightness, doesn’t dazzle or dim its own light: it’s contrast enough to work in the sun, is soft in the dark and doesn’t distort colors in images and videos, making it perfect for the job. The GPU comes to the rescue here, too: Intel Iris Plus is ready for gaming and video editing. Three microphones and immersive stereo speakers are responsible for the sound. Finally, there was even the possibility of connecting a 6K monitor directly to a laptop. Without many words…

1606836023 154 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

In conclusion

Here is such a variegated selection we published today. As you can see, we look at the budget segment very broadly, therefore we have added both very economical options and more brilliant representatives to this list. Thus, everyone can choose something to their liking and pocket. What we took in common as a basis for the entire collection is good autonomy and compactness of devices, because now, during a pandemic, and indeed, in an age when everything goes online, people work more and more outside the office, and often and not even at home. We must be mobile, easy-going in every sense and frugal, first of all towards ourselves. Therefore, there is no need to carry a load of work on your shoulders, it is better to choose the right laptop that will become a kind companion for every day: productive, as light and cute as possible!

1606836032 746 Best Budget Laptops for Work in 2020 Review Comparison What

If you are a hunter for such review articles, take a closer look at us and add to bookmarks so as not to miss updates. Every day we publish fresh materials for you on various topics: unusual modern technologies, games and the world of gaming, gadgets – popular and curious, accessories and all sorts of things! We prepare announcements, news, unpacks, comparisons and reviews, trying to present information from different points, so that it is not only interesting, but also practically useful!

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