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Beno Reevo – e-bike with spokeless wheels, GPS and fingerprint scanner

by Henry Brown


The Indiegogo website is collecting funds for the Beno Reevo electric bike. The target of 50 thousand dollars, which was required for the project, has already been exceeded by 1350%. Beno Inc. collected about 680 thousand dollars, and there are still 26 days ahead. More than three hundred people have invested in the production of the bicycle – they will receive it with a 40% discount.

Beno Reevo is an electric bike with a 750 watt motor and a 10.5 Ah battery, designed for 60 kilometers of travel at a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The European version will be cut down due to the peculiarities of the legislation – the engine power will be only 250 watts, and while driving, you will have to pedal, otherwise movement is impossible. The battery is fully charged.

The manufacturer installed 27.5-inch wheels in Beno Reevo, the frame is made of aluminum, and a special technology made it possible to use rims without spokes and hubs. In the dark, the bike can turn on the lights on the frame and wheels.

Beno reevo

Beno Reevo’s additional equipment includes a GPS module for tracking movement, a smartphone mount on the steering wheel and a fingerprint scanner to turn on the motor. Thanks to this scanner, the bike recognizes its owner and will not “start” when trying to steal. In a special application on the smartphone, detailed information is displayed: about the state of the battery, the speed of movement, the distance covered, the calories burned, etc.

Beno reevo

Beno Reevo sales are due to start in March 2021. The first buyers will receive this bike for 1999 dollars (about 153 thousand rubles), and the rest will be able to purchase it for 3349 dollars (257 thousand rubles). Accessories will be sold for a fee – an extra battery, a pouch with a seatpost mount and a more powerful charger.


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