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Before the announcement of MIUI 13, Xiaomi has removed several features from its shell



Xiaomi is making changes to the weekly MIUI beta. The presentation of MIUI 13 with new features is due very soon, some of which have already debuted in the MIUI Beta 21.12.4.

According to Xiaomiui, Xiaomi has removed some features and added something to the new build. First of all, in the latest MIUI beta, it is no longer possible to check the screen on time. For those who don’t know, Google has removed this feature from Android 12. At the moment, this change only applies to Xiaomi and Redmi devices running MIUI builds based on Android 12.

It’s also interesting that the Chinese tech giant has also removed the weather super wallpaper feature that was added in January. This feature disappeared when installing MIUI Weather V3.0.1.0.

The MIUI camera app gets a watermark when scanning documents. By using this function, users can protect their important documents from unauthorized copying. In addition, users can now directly access their files from Xiaomi Cloud inside the MIUI file manager app itself.

Finally, Xiaomi has reduced the MIUI low battery warning from 30% to 15%. Previously, installing the system required at least 30% of the battery charge. But now, with the new change, only 15% is enough.

It is expected that before the official announcement of MIUI 13 at the end of the month, the company will make some more changes to its shell. Xiaomi has previously responded to reports that Xiaomi employees are using iPhones, especially members of the MIUI branded shell development team.

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Twitter Blue will allow its subscribers to use a profile picture NFT with a hexagonal frame



Recently, Twitter announced that it would launch iOS support for hexagonal avatars of noungible tokens, or NFTs.

As of now, only paid Twitter Blue subscribers using iOS, which costs $2.99 ​​per month, can access the feature.

NFTs as profile pictures on Twitter

According to a video-tutorial Posted by the official Blue Twitter account, users can connect their wallet, including Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent, or Ledger Live, and set it as their profile picture, with the process taking a few seconds.

To prevent fraud, Twitter ensures in its help portal which will never request funds from your crypto wallet. Being linked to NFTs, it is of the utmost importance to remain vigilant, verify all incoming requests to the wallet and reject any unknown requests. Similarly, the social network will never request seed phrases or private keys, it will only store the public address.

Users who visit these profiles can also learn more about each other’s NFT avatars, such as their owners, creators, series description, as well as authenticity verification on third-party platforms like OpenSea. According to Twitter, the platform does not maintain a continuous connection with one’s crypto wallet. However, the company stores the public wallet address to ensure that you continue to have the NFT avatar. Although it can only be set on iOS through Twitter Blue, the NFT profile picture will be visible on all platforms.

Twitter user and blockchain enthusiast @HollanderAdam shared a few quibbles about this feature that might dampen some people’s enthusiasm. this feature “seems to work for any NFT in your collection. Not just verified collections. That means someone can just right click and save any NFT, mint it, and then use it as their profile picture.”, he commented in a tweet.

This functionality, still under development, is in the early stages of deployment. Twitter currently only supports static images, such as JEPG and PNG files, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, including the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. But if one sells or transfers the NFT while it is still set as a profile picture, it will not display any information about its ownership when clicked.

With the advent of NFTs, several accounts of enthusiasts in the area began to present as profile avatars some captures of their own or others’ non-fungible tokens. The problem until then was the impossibility of verifying their ownership, opening the way for anyone to use them with a screenshot. This is what Twitter Blue intends to solve with the newly introduced function, adding a layer of support to the authenticity of these images.


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Apps to watch DTT programming and pay television



There are many mobile applications that allow us to consult the programming of DTT and pay television to keep up to date with what is going to be shown on TV. You can also check the DTT programming on specialized pages, on the websites of each channel or group of channels, as well as in the operators’ guide if you have the Movistar Plus+, Orange TV or Vodafone TV decoder. However, today we live glued to our mobile phones, so today we will show you several apps with which you can check the programming of DTT channels or pay TV platforms.

Normally, Smart TVs or more modern televisions have a guide button in which you can also check the next programs, series or movies that are going to be broadcast. But if we are away from home and we want to know what is going to be on television that night, the most useful thing is to consult it through a mobile app.

My TV Guide

It is one of the best apps available to check television programming. It has a simple and intuitive interface without major complications than being able to consult directly what is on TV in the coming days.

It offers the possibility of accessing the programming of the channels or accessing the emission grid by days and hours, so that we can filter with the option that is most comfortable for us. By accessing the “Channels” tab you will be able to find the list of channels that shows the general DTT channels by default. In addition, you can also create your personalized list with your favorite channels.

There are channels from both DTT and Movistar Plus+, Orange TV, Vodafone TV, among others. To always have them at hand, all you have to do is add them to “Favorites”. My TV Guide is available for both Android and iOS.

My TV Guide app

Synchro TV Guide

Another of the apps to consult the programming more than recommended. In addition to consulting what is being broadcast on television at that time or upcoming programs that are going to be broadcast, it also shows us a Featured content selection and recommended for those days when you tell us what you want to see.

Accessing the upper left corner you can consult both the DTT programming and that of the channels of the pay television services offered by some operators. For example, in the tab “Now on TV” You can directly access the list of channels to know and check what they are broadcasting in real time.

synchro tv guide

Movies on TV – TV Guide

If you are one of those who only like watch movies on tv and you are not interested in knowing the programming of other types of programs, the perfect app for you is Movies on TV – TV Guide.

Instead of offering a grid full of information with the complete programming of all the channels like in the apps that we have talked about previously, this app only provides you with information about movies. Of all the films that are going to be broadcast or are being broadcast at that time on DTT channels or on pay television platforms. In the settings you can activate the favorite channel filter in order to reduce the information and have only what interests you most at a glance.

Movies on TV - tv guide

Just Watch

It is an app that has a streaming content guide Very complete. Just Watch tells you where to watch your streaming movies and series showing all the options. The search engine includes more than 20,000 movies and series, all accompanied by a trailer, synopsis, cast and ratings.

You will find the best fiction from Movistar Plus+ or the most outstanding titles from up to 14 streaming content providers such as Prime Video, Netflix or Atresmedia, among others, to keep up to date with all the news.

Just Watch app


An easy-to-use platform where you will receive regular updates. Unlike the previous apps. TVProfil requires you to register with your email and set a password to access the app.

After registering, you will have to select the television platforms or DTT channels of the channels for which you want to consult the programming. Some of the channels are already selected by default, so it is best to check or uncheck the networks according to your personal tastes.

Once you make the selection you can check what they are broadcasting in real time, in the next few hours and even days. In the menu on the left that TVProfil has, you can filter content by categories (cinema, series, documentaries or sports) and also make a search through keywords. If you access the detail file of each content you will be able to see the information of the program, movie or series. Also, if you touch the button that is in the upper right corner with the shape of a clock, they have the option to set an alarm so that the app notifies you of the start of the programs, documentaries, movies or series that you are interested in watching.

profile tv

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Instagram now allows you to create a “remix” with any video



Instagram is rolling out an update that will allow any user to react to any video they find on the platform.

While not a new feature, it only applied to Reels. However, the dynamic is changing and now all videos will have the option to be reused to create a “remix”.

You can create remix on Instagram using any video

Last year, Instagram launched a feature called “Remix,” with a dynamic similar to TikTok’s Duets. However, it only applied to Reels. So when you see a Reel you like, you can use the “remix this reel” option.

That way, you record yourself reacting to the video so that it appears in split screen. That is, the original video on the left and your reaction on the right. Yes, just like the TikTok Duos. A dynamic that Instagram now extends to all videos on the platform, as mentioned in CT.

So you will not only find this option in the Reels, but in any public video that you find on Instagram. The only detail to keep in mind is that it applies to videos published after this update. So don’t go back checking the profile of your favorite creators, to “remix” some old video, because it won’t work.

The dynamic will remain the same. You just have to click on the menu with the three dots and select the option “remix this video”. Once you make that option, Instagram will guide you to record your reaction and edit the final result. Remember that you can remix the entire video or a part that interests you to create your reaction.

And a bonus that Instagram adds is that users will continue to have all the Reels editing tools when they choose to remix any video. So you can be as creative as you want with the help of these extra features.

On the other hand, if a creator doesn’t want their content to be reused, they can remove permission not to remix their videos. An option that you will find in the “Reels and remix controls” settings. And if you don’t have a problem with users reusing your content, but want to set some exceptions, you can disable remixes on individual videos.


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