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Before Scream, Neve Campbell suffered a terrible attack on a set



neve campbell might not have been the very first Scream in theaters. Blame it on a filming incident that put her in the grips of a particularly sticky speaker. The actress, then 17 years old, has obviously kept no consequences of this meeting for the rest of her career. If this is not the lesson that you should not always follow what you are asked to the letter.

Eleven years after the previous part, which we could already sense as the last, Scream will return to the big screen for a fifth installment that does not say its number. We will find figures from the franchise who have not (yet?) perished under the blows of the big bad boo, such as Courtenex Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell.

YouTube credit.

Could we suspect that even before joining the cast of the very first Scream in the mid-1990s, Neve Campbell came close to being victim zero? With the difference that his killer would not have been illustrated by a black coat and a white mask, but by a consequent coat and superhuman strength.

On a set, Neve Campbell called to lure a bear with honey

In the advertising campaign for the Scream 2022, Neve Cambpell remembered, with host Kelly Clarkson, an incident that occurred on another shoot. The actress says that she was then 17 years old and it is very difficult to know what film project she was referring to here. Her role brought her into contact with animals, and one scene involved seeing her being chased by a bear. So Neve Campbell was asked to dip her hand in honey and feed the plantigrade. Except that the latter wanted more, as the actress said:

“I dipped my hand in honey and ran to that rock, turned around, reached out, and the bear wouldn’t slow down and come for my hand. He grabbed my leg and pulled me through the forest. My mother was visiting the set, and she was screaming. The whole team was frozen because no one could believe what was happening. All I could say was, ‘He’s biting me!’, like it didn’t show.”

His injuries, however, were minimal. Those of Neve Campbell of course. The wounds left to the bear, thus removed from its providential giant honey pot, doubtless remained wide open.

Source: The Kelly Clarkson Show (Youtube)


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Gasoline Alley: the new film by Bruce Willis offers a trailer



Notice to fans of Bruce Willis: the actor will soon be showing a new film combining action and thriller! This new feature film in which he will play is called Gasoline Alley. And it is the fruit of the work of Saban Films studios. Its theatrical release date is scheduled for February 25, 2022 in the United States. It will also be available for streaming.

In this film, Bruce Willis will share the screen with Luke Wilson and Devon Sawa. For the record, Gasoline Alley will tell the story of Jimmy Jayne, the character played by Devon Sawa. The latter is a former reformed prisoner.

Credits Saban Films

In Gasoline Alley, he becomes the prime suspect in a series of murders. Jimmy Jayne will do anything to prove his innocence. And his investigation will lead him to the darkest corners of Los Angeles.

A thrilling trailer

A few days ago, Saban Films unveiled the trailer for Gasoline Alley. The trailer in question lasts 1 min 46. In it, we discover the tandem formed by Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson. The actors will take on the roles of Detectives Freeman and Vargas, respectively.

In the trailer, the duo will be on the heels of Jimmy Jayne. This will not prevent the latter from carrying out his own investigation. And to prove his innocence, Jimmy Jayne will not hesitate to put his life in danger.

What about the cast

In view of the trailer that Saban Films has reserved for us, we can say that Gasoline Alley is a film that will keep the public spellbound. On the program: chases, shootouts and big fights. What’s more, the suspense will be there. Gasoline Alley brings together all the necessary elements to make a good thriller and action film. So if this feature makes you want to, you know what you have to do.

As for the casting, you will find actors like Kat Foster, Sufe Bradshaw or Johnny Dowers. They will be joined by Kenny Wormald, Rick Salomon, Steve Eastin and Tracey “The Doc” Curry.

Gasoline Alley is a movie directed by Edward John Drake. The latter also co-wrote the screenplay for the film with Tom Sierchio.

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TikTok chief marketing officer fired for ‘bizarre campaigns’



One of the most awarded professionals in the US, Nick Tran, TikTok’s Global Head of Marketing, was abruptly firedafter a series of campaigns considered by the management of the video platform as increasingly bizarre and without purpose, revealed the The New York Post on Wednesday (19). He had been with the company since 2020, after serving as vice president of marketing and culture for the streaming platform Hulu.

Tran had stints at Samsung and Taco Bell, and received several awards from Forbes, fortune, Adweek and AdAge for their marketing achievements. As soon as he arrived on TikTok, he immediately started to create hype, with a release of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of creators, implementation of a curriculum program for users to get jobs and massive investments in TV advertising and online ads.

But it seems that Tran’s gaudy, control-averse style didn’t please TikTok’s admins. As no official notice of dismissal was issued, the The Post searched the platform to confirm the information (published in The Information)and received a clarification from a spokesperson: “We can confirm that Nick Tran is no longer on TikTok, and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

What projects angered TikTok executives?

Source: TikTok/Disclosure.Source: TikTok/Disclosure.Source: TikTok

Among the campaigns deemed “out of step with the company’s goals” is a collection of NFTs led by creators such as rapper Lil Nas X and Filipino singer Bella Poarch. The project did not go ahead. Tran later led the TikTok Resumeswhich beckoned entry-level jobs to users at companies like Alo Yoga, Target, and Chipotle.

But it seems that the “last straw” was the “TikTok kitchen”, another wild project that foresaw the creation of a thousand “ghost kitchens” by the end of 2022, to produce and sell popular foods on the app. “We’re not in the restaurant business and we shouldn’t pretend to be,” an irate director told a marketing team meeting.


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Round 6: Netflix director confirms season 2 of the series



Image from: Round 6: Netflix director confirms season 2 of the series

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Netflix CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed this Thursday (20) that round 6, As expected, it should get a second season.

The news was revealed during a press conference promoted by streaming to talk about the company’s earnings in 2021. When asked about possible new episodes of the Korean production, Sarandos stated “that the universe of round 6 is just getting started.”

In addition, the head of content stated that the series should gain new products, including immersive experiences for fans, games and collector’s merchandise.

“It’s not like we have to go in and teach someone in Korea how to make great content. It’s an incredible market for that. There’s always been curiosity around the world, the K Drama market has always had pockets of success all over the place, but the ease of delivery we offer has pushed that into the mainstream,” Sarandos said of the success of round 6 around the world.

3rd season

Confirmation was already expected, as series director Dong-hyuk spoke about the renewal in December of last year. To the Korea Times, hyuk claimed to be in talks with Netflix for possible second and third seasons. “We will soon reach a conclusion,” he said.


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