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As in “Avatar”: “Roskosmos” makes a humanoid android for work in outer space



Roskosmos confirms that TsNIIMash and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia have begun to create the first domestic humanoid robot Teledroid, which will be used to perform work in outer space.

The robot should be ready for use by 2025, it will be sent to the International Space Station, while it will constantly be on the outer surface of the ISS scientific energy module. The development of the Teledroid robot will be attended by the NPO Android Technics, which has created the Fyodor robot (Skybot F-850), which visited the ISS in 2019. After this mission, the creation of a new humanoid robot was announced.

According to the plan, Teledroid will become a humanoid android without legs, which will move between ISS modules on a manipulator. It is noteworthy that it will be possible to control the robot in “avatar mode” not only from the ISS, but also from the Earth. For this, the operators will have special suits. The robot will be able to perform some operations on its own.

Targeted work of “Teledroid” is primarily aimed at developing technologies (including artificial intelligence) of space robotics, which is necessary for further exploration of space and planets.


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Four iQOO smartphones will receive Android 12 in December



The iQOO brand has revealed Android 12 release dates for a number of its models. True, we are not yet talking about the final version of Android 12 – it will have to wait longer.

IQOO 7, iQOO 7 Legend, iQOO Z3 and iQOO Z5 users will receive the Android 12 beta at the end of the year – at the end of December. And at the end of March 2022, the beta version of Android 12 will be released for iQOO 3.

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Dangerous Android 12: the new operating system leads to serious crashes and battery drain



Google released the Android 12 operating system for ordinary users, just a few days ago. It can be installed by users of the branded series of Pixel smartphones – starting with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, which debuted in 2018. In the meantime, the first reviews have appeared on the network, and not all of them are positive.

Pixel users have faced a number of annoying issues after installing Android 12 on their smartphones. Some people experience regular crashes despite repeatedly resetting the settings to the factory state. For others, applications crash and stop working, and on an ongoing basis, which is accompanied by freezes. For some, the camera often crashes, for others – a variety of applications in a random way.

There are problems with unlocking smartphones using face recognition, the smartphone simply ceases to “recognize” the user. There are also complaints about the battery draining too quickly.

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Finally, Windows 11 users have the full power of Ryzen processors. Both performance issues have been resolved



AMD and Microsoft have finally resolved both Ryzen and Epyc CPU performance issues when running Windows 11.

Microsoft has already released the patch in the Insider Build, now it’s available to everyone. Recall that it solves the problem of high latency in the L3 cache.

AMD, in turn, has released a patch that solves the problem of UEFI CPPC2 with incorrect work of the task scheduler for processor cores.

In the case of the first patch, you need to install a Windows update, but the second one needs to be downloaded from the AMD website yourself. More precisely, you do not need to download a patch, but a fresh driver for the motherboard chipset – the patch is part of it.

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