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Arsenal 2 camera controller raised $ 2.3 million

by Henry Brown


A few days ago, Kickstarter started fundraising for a controller for Arsenal 2 SLR and mirrorless cameras. According to the developer, “Arsenal 2 is more than just a remote control, it uses artificial intelligence and computational photography to help create stunning photos and time-lapses. “. The novelty is a development of the Arsenal model, the release of which was funded in 2017.

Arsenal 2 is said to determine the optimal settings for the scene being shot, based on sensor readings, which can analyze 22 different environmental factors.

Arsenal 2 camera controller raised $ 2.3 million

The controller makes it easy to shoot multi-row panoramas, remove people from pictures, shoot a series of pictures with focusing at different distances for a deep depth of field, high dynamic range and ultra-slow shutter speeds, and time-lapse photography. It is installed on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, connects to it via USB and works in tandem with a mobile application on an iOS or Android smartphone. The footage can be saved on a microSD memory card or automatically transferred to a mobile device. Full control of the camera via Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless interface is provided, including frame preview.

Arsenal 2 supports over 100 popular DSLR and mirrorless camera models, 23 more than the original model. Improved productivity is another benefit. The developer offers two options for the device – Standard and Pro. The former works three times faster than Arsenal, the latter five times. The Pro also features enhanced weather protection and a USB-C connector.

To count on receiving the device, you must deposit at least $ 149. At the time of writing the news, the collected amount was close to $ 2.3 million. Fundraising will continue for another 27 days, with controllers expected to ship in June 2021.


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