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Are Android updates important to users?




Survey results on the importance of the update to the smartphone experience

More than 80% of mobile devices use Android today. Some vulnerabilities and errors are constantly found in it, it is being improved, the usual workflow is going on. The importance of this is recognized by other manufacturers. So, the same Samsung transferred its flagships and a number of A-series devices to a 3-year update cycle.

But is it really important for users to get updates for a long time? Do they need new versions of Android, where the number is higher, and new “miracle functions” are not needed or in demand? Do they really care about software updates, because many important features have already been implemented earlier?

Androidauthority decided to conduct a survey among its readers, asking them to answer the question: would they buy a smartphone if they knew that it would never receive any major Android updates during its entire lifespan? In total, more than 2,800 respondents voted and most of them would definitely refuse to buy such a device.

85.33% of the plebiscite participants voted for the refusal to purchase. Nevertheless, there were 14.67% of users who do not see problems with buying a device that will not receive a new version of the green robot in the future, system updates are not important for them.

Unfortunately, the results of the survey do not reflect the motives that guided users when choosing a particular answer. There is a chance that many have a tenacious stereotype that a new version of Android is always good and with its arrival the smartphone will acquire some fantastic possibilities.

There are almost certainly those who are simply not even interested and do not know what changes in the system with the arrival of the update. It is only important that the number of the version of the green robot be the last in the serial number of all iterations. Updating for the sake of updating. A number of companies are aware of this “weakness” of users and are playing on it, competing in who will update their devices faster, more and longer.

Google has made it a rule to roll out the latest version of Android every year at the same time, no matter how valuable, important, or useful the updates are. Not infrequently, very few changes are recruited for a large-scale update every year. Is there any practical sense in installing an up-to-date version of a green robot, if the system itself does not change dramatically?

It is subjectively important, first of all, what is useful and really worthwhile is offered in the new version of the system. There is something to offer, it is worth releasing the next update. Let’s make a reservation right away that all this is true for the green robot’s updates, and not for security patches, which are really worth releasing on a regular basis.

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And what would you say about the survey? Would you be comfortable using a smartphone that will not receive the latest versions of Android?

Source: androidauthority


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