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Apple’s surprise: iPod Music Quiz found in iOS 14

by Henry Brown


Looks like Apple decided to go by google paths and hide in iOS 14 interesting easter egg

What is it

Enthusiasts found in operating system a game called Music Quiz, which was available in iPods with wheels and was very popular. By in fact, it is an analogue Guess the melody

The game is not must be downloaded separately, it can be found in Quick commands (Siri Shortcuts) on iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to Siri Shortcuts, select the My tab Shortcuts (My teams), score in search engine Music Quiz, open the game and allow access to library.

IN the game is five rounds, in each of which you are offered to guess the track by segment. The user will be offered five options with specifying the artist’s name and song titles from which you need to choose the correct one and by desire to share the result in social networks.

Music Quiz only uses tracks from Apple Music purchased from iTunes or synced locally via computer.

Source: 9to5mac

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