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Apple’s self-driving cars were involved in two accidents at once after two years of trouble-free testing. But they are not to blame



According to Macrumours, in August of this year, two Apple self-driving cars were involved in an accident, while in both cases the cars were in manual mode.

The first incident occurred in San Diego, California, in the Hillcrest area on August 19. Lexus RX 450h, equipped with Apple’s unmanned driving system, stopped in a traffic jam, after which Hyundai drove into it. The accident was minor, no one was hurt.

The second crash occurred on August 23 in Cupertino, California, right outside the Apple Park headquarters. The car with Apple’s self-driving equipment also stalled in traffic when a Subaru Outback caught up with it from behind.

Both incidents were not the fault of the unmanned vehicle or the person driving the vehicle. Interestingly, Apple cars were involved in two accidents at once in one month, while not a single accident with their participation was recorded since September 2019.

The California Motor Vehicle Administration previously reported that Lexus crossovers powered by Apple’s self-driving software have driven approximately 30,000 km in 2020.

Apple has been testing its autonomous driving software since early 2017 using the aforementioned Lexus RX 450h vehicles equipped with sensors and cameras. According to rumors, Apple plans to release its car in the coming years.

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