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Apple wants to take a bite of the gaming industry pie?

by Henry Brown

According to rumors, the company is preparing cool top games for its Arcade service.

So far, these are only rumors, but they are indirectly confirmed by much earlier rumors. So, what is the salt. According to the source, Apple is currently investing heavily in the development of top-end large-scale games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Zelda is used as an example just to gauge the size and quality of the game, not because Apple is preparing something similar.

Interestingly, the source adds that some of the “next generation” games will need powerful SoC-grade hardware like the Apple A13 Bionic! That is, you will not be able to play such a game on your conditional iPhone 8 Plus or even iPhone XS Max, but this will probably not affect all new games. On the one hand, this is bad for Apple, as many users will not be able to try out these projects. On the other hand, they will have a good reason to update any of the devices. You don’t have to buy a new iPhone for $ 1,000 – you just have to buy a new Apple TV.

And here we come to the second part. Earlier on the web there were already rumors that the company was preparing an Apple TV on the SoC A12X Bionic, and there was no particular understanding of why such power is needed for a set-top box. Even the current Apple TV 4K is based on the A10X, while the regular Apple TV HD is completely content with the ancient A8.

And now the source confirms those rumors, saying that Apple TV is under development not only on the A12X / A12Z Bionic, but also allegedly on the A14X! Moreover, Apple has allegedly already sent the corresponding copies to the developers of games for Arcade. True, there is a possibility that we are talking about the very kits for developers designed to adapt software for the new MacBook, which supposedly will move to the A14X Bionic, so there is no need to rush to conclusions.

In any case, all this is very similar to the truth. The gaming industry generates billions of dollars for giants, and Apple cannot pass up such a pie. And given the already formed giant user base, and often paying users, Apple is simply obliged to take advantage of this opportunity. We will have new high-quality games with you, which is good news. Unless you have to get at least one suitable Apple device.


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