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Apple TV with tvOS 14 will be able to play YouTube videos in 4K

by Henry Brown
Apple TV with tvOS 14 will be able to play YouTube videos in 4K

Over the past few years, we have become accustomed to the fact that at its presentations of operating systems Apple does not agree a bit on some innovations. But time passes, and enthusiasts begin to carefully study the beta versions of new OSes and find much more interesting in them. And someone else scrupulously reads official press releases and just carefully scans the corporation’s website for the United States. This is precisely the site where our beloved corporation published the new tvOS14 features, among which it was explicitly stated verbatim: “Watch the latest YouTube videos in all their beauty 4K!

Craig Federighi unveils new tvOS 14 to the world

Why Apple TV doesn’t play YouTube videos in 4K

Apple TV 4K was announced from the big stage in the fall of 2017. This was a long-awaited update of the previous version of the set-top box and eliminated its most important drawback – the inability to play video in 4K. Along with the release of the new Apple TV in Cupertino, they did serious work to update the iTunes Store, filling it with high-quality content with high resolution. Then Netflix and other content providers connected. But the first disappointment of users who bought a new console was the inability to play YouTube videos in 4K.

A proprietary application from Google allowed you to watch videos in maximum FullHD quality (1080p). Moreover, all other gadgets – iPhone, iPad and Mac computers in the Safari branded browser also played YouTube videos in maximum 1080p. In the Chrome browser, the Mac was able to play 4K content.

In the YouTube application on Apple TV 4K, videos are not played in 4K and voice search does not work

The reason was by no means hardware. It’s just that Apple, apparently, couldn’t or didn’t want to agree with Google on the native support in its devices of the vp9 codec, which is necessary for playing 4K video from the most popular streaming service in the world.

As of the end of 2017, one could still come to terms with this, because there was still not enough relevant content, but over the next three years the situation did not change. And finally, this fall, the ice seems to be breaking …

How to watch YouTube videos in 4K on Apple TV

This year, Apple did not devote much time to a detailed review of innovations in tvOS 14, which is not without reason. It is at least not solid to say loudly that they finally deigned in three years to add a feature that was available long ago on all the cheapest TV set-top boxes from China for $ 50.

Obviously, Cupertino was able to solve the issue of supporting the vp9 codec in the operating system, which means that for the average user, most likely, everything will change very simply. After updating tvOS, which usually happens automatically, the YouTube proprietary application will also be quietly updated and everything will work as expected.

What’s new in tvOS 14

Definitely, an interesting innovation will be the new “Picture-in-picture” mode. At the presentation, we were shown how users can watch broadcasts from fitness applications while watching live broadcasts and even use Picture-in-Picture for video broadcast via AirPlay. If the developers catch up, already in the fall we will be able to enjoy the “Picture-in-picture” mode not only for the proprietary Apple TV application, but also for many others we love. How do you like the idea of ​​“picture-in-picture” for the same YouTube?

In addition, Apple has expanded the capabilities of Apple TV as the center of smart home

Another super feature I’ve personally been waiting for for so long is the ability to share audio using AirPods. Previously, it was available exclusively on the iPhone and iPad, but now it will be possible for two to watch their favorite movie on the big screen, and everyone will be able to separately adjust the volume in their headphones.

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