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Apple to release macOS Big Sur update on November 12



At the last presentation of Apple One More Thing, the company spoke about the new version of macOS, called Big Sur. The release date of the update has also become known.

macOS 11 (Big Sur) will be released in just two days – November 12th. Many new Big Sur features have been borrowed from iOS. First, the update will bring major changes to the interface design. MacOS 11 will also have a customizable control center where users can toggle brightness, adjust Do Not Disturb mode, and more. We’ve already seen the Control Center on iPads and iPhones, so the feature will be pretty familiar.

Also added to the update is a Notification Center, with which you can access and customize notifications. In the same interface, there will be a sub-item for widgets. Several other interface changes are purely “cosmetic” in nature, such as more transparent windows, changing the font color depending on the desktop background, and so on.

The Maps app for Mac and the Safari browser have received many new features. In particular, in Maps, you can now customize routes for cyclists and electric vehicles, see traffic jams and select a point on the map to view it in 360 degrees. As for Safari, Apple’s branded browser in macOS 11 has received additional protection features. Privacy Report is a new tool in Safari that monitors cross-site trackers that have been blocked in the last 30 days. A password protection tool has also been added to help protect your auto-saved passwords if one of them becomes known to third parties.

Finally, Apple announced that Mac screens will turn on immediately, just like the iPhone.

More details about other changes can be found in the presentation recording below.

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Source: Apple

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