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Apple tied order for OLED displays for iPhone 12 between Samsung and LG



The iPhone 12 is the first series in Apple history to feature OLED displays on all models. The panels for them are supplied by two manufacturers – Samsung Display and LG Display, as reported by the Korean portal The Elec with reference to its own sources.

According to The Elec, the order for the supply of OLED panels for the iPhone lineup was split between the two companies, with Samsung taking over the bulk. LG Display only supplies screens for the 6.1-inch iPhone 12, while Samsung produces display panels for the other three models. The Chinese company BOE Electronics could have joined the Korean manufacturers this year, but Apple “rejected” its displays. Sources do not rule out that BOE will eventually be able to receive part of the order for displays for the iPhone 12, but only if it successfully passes quality control.

All four iPhone models are expected to have a total production volume of 70 million by the end of 2020. And given that manufacturers usually stock 10 percent, the number of OLED panels for new iPhones should be about 80 million units. Samsung will supply about 60 million of them, and LG will supply the remaining 20 million. By comparison, LG shipped only 5 million OLED panels for the iPhone last year, while Samsung shipped ten times that number at 50 million.

Sources say Apple’s order for Samsung and LG’s display divisions will see a significant increase this year. True, how much profit will increase, only the quarterly financial report will show.

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