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Apple talks about the dangers of charging MagSafe



Apple has posted a document on its website that outlines potential issues with magnetic chargers from the MagSafe range. These chargers were announced at the presentation on October 13 along with the iPhone 12.


  • MagSafe can damage bank cards and electronic keys with magnetic stripes. They will become unreadable.
  • MagSafe will not be able to charge your smartphone if it is in a case that is too thick.
  • MagSafe and iPhone may become warm while charging. If the heating is too strong, charging will stop when the battery reaches 80% charge.
  • Leather cases may have a circular, permanent mark from MagSafe.
  • When connected to both MagSafe and cable at the same time, priority will be given to cable charging.


The MagSafe line includes a variety of chargers, including desktop, portable, car, and compatible not only with smartphones but also with Apple smartwatches.

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