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Apple stopped bundling power adapters even with expensive versions of Apple Watch Series 6




On the at a recent presentation, Apple officials said that smart watch no longer will receive the power adapter in set. As it turned out, this applies to even the most expensive versions of the Apple Watch Series 6.

What does it mean

5W power adapter disappeared from picking premium versions Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Hermès, the cost of which is rather big from $ 799 to $ 1499. Moreover, it happened unexpectedly, since even at last week, users who ordered this watch received the complete package, along with adapter. Also charging was mentioned on official website.

But in during the last days, buyers receive boxes without adapters, and on the website appeared like this same message as to other Apple Watch models: IN our efforts to Apple Watch does not meet its environmental goals includes a power adapter. Use an existing power adapter or add a new one

It looks strange and it is unclear why for some time the watch was equipped with an adapter, and Now not. But obviously Apple is not even the high price of the watch stopped: if you do not have an old adapter, you will have to fork out more and on the new.

Most likely, the trimmed equipment will be at new smartphones iPhone 12.

Source: MacRumors


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