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Apple released iOS 13.7 and iPadOS 13.7

by Henry Brown


Apple has released the final version of iOS 13.7 to all users. It is noteworthy that the first beta for developers appeared a week ago, and here once – and the release!

What changed?

In addition to bug fixes and system improvements, there is support for COVID-19 contact tracing without downloading an additional app.

Unfortunately, it works only in countries where the healthcare system supports such a function.

How it works?

In short, the smartphone keeps track of who you met and were with for more than ten minutes. In the future, if a contact confirms that they have contracted COVID-19, you will receive a notification and recommendations. Also, the notification will be received by contacts who have been near you for more than 10 minutes. Of course, all data is encrypted and no one forces you to use the technology.

The COVID-19 Exposure Notification was developed jointly on iOS and Android, so smartphones of both operating systems will communicate with each other, but Google has promised to release an update “later this month” – the app will appear on devices running Android 6.0 and newer.

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