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Apple recommends resetting iPhone and Apple Watch to get rid of problems after updates to iOS 14 and watchOS 7




Soon after upgrading to iOS 14 and watchOS 7 operating systems, many users encountered frustrating issues. All smartwatches that have been updated to the new OS do not store GPS data, according to posts posted on Apple’s support forum.

Users report that in situations where they leave their iPhone at home when going to workout, the smartwatch does not record the route traveled. The Activity app only displays the starting point of your workout on the map and nothing else.

In addition, some users report excessive power consumption for Apple Watch running watchOS 7 and iPhone running iOS 14. For smartwatches, users claim that disconnecting and re-pairing Apple Watch with a smartphone helps them to solve problems with battery and GPS. As a result, Apple itself suggested using this method for troubleshooting.

Among the possible problems that Apple Watch owners with the new OS may face, there is also a lack of heart rate information, display of inaccurate training information on the watch or smartphone, or on both devices, incorrect data on the environmental noise level and rapid battery discharge.

In cases where breaking and re-pairing doesn’t fix the issue, Apple recommends backing up your iPhone and Apple Watch, resetting the devices to a factory state, and then restoring from a backup.

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