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Apple plans to replace passport and driver’s license with iPhone

by Henry Brown


Apple wants the iPhone to replace driver’s licenses and any other ID. The company is working on technology to ensure data security for contactless authentication of the user’s identity.

It won’t be easy and quick to ditch paper documents, Apple says, but there is no doubt that it will. However, before you can use our Apple Watch with an airport security counter reading terminal, you need to make sure that this method is safe.


Apple has filed a patent application that describes technology to digitize a passport, driver’s license, and any other paper documents. This information can be loaded into a smartphone, and identification of a person using this data will work the same as now, contactless payment works.

For example, a user can wirelessly transmit their digital identity from their device to a third party reading terminal. Apple provides three modes: displaying data on the smartphone screen, transferring using NFC, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


In terms of security, Apple draws an analogy with bank card data, when an encrypted identifier is sent instead of sending information in clear text when paying. Thus, unauthorized people will not be able to intercept information or obtain it if the device is stolen.

Also, the patent describes the possibility of partial transfer of information from a document. For example, with the help of new technology it will be possible to send only the date and place of birth without a registration address.

On paper, the new way of identifying a person sounds pretty attractive, but most likely it will take many years to implement it. The thing is that in order to fully support countries, they will have to completely revise their processes of document circulation and identification of the identity of citizens.


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